"...and like a moth that tries to enter the bright eye...
I go shuffling out of life, just to hide in death awhile"

("The Mercy Seat", 1988)


copertina album

Nick Cave, Running Scared

Dall’album "B-Sides & Rarities" del 2005 versione stampabile

  Volume I | Volume II | Volume III


1. Deanna (Versione Acustica) 2. The Mercy Seat 3. City Of Refuge 4. The Moon Is In The Gutter 5. The Six Strings That Drew Blood 6. Rye Whiskey 7. Running Scared 8. Black Betty 9. Scum 10. The Girl At The Bottom Of My Glass 11. The Train Song 12. Cocks 'N' Asses 13. Blue Bird 14. Helpless 15. God's Hotel 16. (I'll Love You) Till the End Of The World 17. Cassiel's Song 18. Tower Of Song 19. What Can I Give You? 

Just running scared, each place we go Corro sempre spaventato ovunque vada
So afraid, that he might show Spaventato che si possa mostrare
Yeah, running scared, what would I do Sì spaventato, cosa farei
If he came back and wanted you? Se tornasse e ti volesse?
Just running scared, feeling low Corro spaventato, mi sento giù
Running scared that you love him so Spaventato che tu lo ami così tanto
Just running scared, afraid to lose Spaventato di perdere
If he came back, which one would you choose? Se tornasse, chi sceglieresti?
And then all at once, he was standing there E tutt'a un tratto era lì,
So sure of himself, his head in the air Così sicuro di se, la testa in aria
While my heart was breaking, Mentre il mio cuore si spezzava,
which one would it be? chi sarebbe stato?
Then you turned round and walked right out on me Poi ti sei girata e hai camminato verso di me
*Traduzione di Emanuele Orrù

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