"Keep on pushing it. Push the sky away."

("Push The Sky Away", 2013)


copertina album

Nick Cave, Cocks 'N' Asses

Dall’album "B-Sides & Rarities" del 2005 versione stampabile

  Volume I | Volume II | Volume III


1. Deanna (Versione Acustica) 2. The Mercy Seat 3. City Of Refuge 4. The Moon Is In The Gutter 5. The Six Strings That Drew Blood 6. Rye Whiskey 7. Running Scared 8. Black Betty 9. Scum 10. The Girl At The Bottom Of My Glass 11. The Train Song 12. Cocks 'N' Asses 13. Blue Bird 14. Helpless 15. God's Hotel 16. (I'll Love You) Till the End Of The World 17. Cassiel's Song 18. Tower Of Song 19. What Can I Give You? 

(Instrumental) (Strumentale)
Yeahs And Moanings performed by Nick Cave 'Yeahs' e 'Gemiti' di Nick Cave

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