"So if you got a trumpet, get on your feet, brother, and blow it
If you've got a field, that don't yield, well get up and hoe it
I look at you and you look at me and deep in our hearts know it
That you weren't much of a muse, but then I weren't much of a poet"

("There She Goes, My Beautiful World", 2004)

copertina album

Kicking Against The Pricks

1986, Lp/Cd

Label: Mute Records

Nick Cave - voce, pianoforte, organo
Mick Harvey - chitarra acustica ed elettrica, pianoforte, vibrafono, basso, batteria, cori
Blixa Bargeld - chitarra elettrica e slide, cori
Barry Adamson - basso, cori
Thomas Wydler - batteria

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