"Into the mercy seat I climb, my head is shaved, my head is wired
And like a moth that tries to enter the bright eye
I go shuffling out of life just to hide in death awhile
And anyway I never lied."

("The Mercy Seat", 1988)

Nick, al piano Nick, Shadow Nick, 1986 Blixa Bargeld Nick & Blixa Nick, On Stage The Bad Seeds, Early 90s Nick, Sorriso Warren Ellis, Live 2008 Nick, Hyde Park, Londra 1999 Il Cielo Sopra Berlino Nick, Londra 1997
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La Nascita dei "The Bad Seeds"
Dalle ceneri dei 'Birthday Party', Nick Cave e Mick Harvey formeranno i “The Bad Seeds”. Il gruppo, in particolar modo per i primi anni, avrà pochi elementi fissi, fatta eccezione per il fondamentale chitarrista-rumorista Blixa Bargeld [...]

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