"Ah read her diary on her sheets scrutinizin' every lil bit of dirt
Tore out a page 'n' stuff it inside my shirt
Fled outa the window and shinning it down the vine
Outa her night-mare, and back into mine"

("From Her To Eternity", 1984)

Nick, al piano Nick, Shadow Nick, 1986 Blixa Bargeld Nick & Blixa Nick, On Stage The Bad Seeds, Early 90s Nick, Sorriso Warren Ellis, Live 2008 Nick, Hyde Park, Londra 1999 Il Cielo Sopra Berlino Nick, Londra 1997 Blixa & Kid Congo Powers Mick Harvey Nick, Boatman Like
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No More Shall We Part e la dipartita di Blixa
Ogni disco di Nick Cave sembra avere sempre un significato, una direzione ben precisa e "No More Shall We Part", del 2001 [...]

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