"These hands will never mop your dirty Death Row floors
No! You can hide! You can run! O but your trial is yet to come
O you can run! You can hide! But you have yet to be tried!"

("Knockin' On Joe", 1985)


copertina album

Nick Cave, By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Dall’album "Kicking Against The Pricks" del 1986 versione stampabile



1. Muddy Waters 2. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman 3. Sleeping Annaleah 4. Long Black Veil 5. Hey Joe 6. The Singer 7. All Tomorrow's Parties 8. By The Time I Get To Phoenix 9. The Hammer Song 10. Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart 11. Jesus Met The Woman At The Well 12. The Carnival Is Over 13. Black Betty 14. Running Scared 

By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising Per quando sarò a Phoenix si starà alzando
And she'll find that note that I left hanging on the door E troverà il biglietto che ho lasciato sulla porta
And she'll laugh when she reads the part E riderà quando legge la parte
That says: "I'm leaving" Che dice "parto"
Cause I've left that girl so many times before Perchè ho lasciato quella ragazza così tante volte prima...
And by the time I get to Albuquerque, she'll be working E per quando sarò ad Albuquerque starà lavorando
And she'll take off time just to give me a call E si prenderà tempo solamente per chiamarmi
And she'll hear that phone keep right on ringing and ringing E sentirà il telefnono squillare e squillare
On the wall, yeah oh, that's all Sulla parete, già, proprio così
And by the time I make Oklahoma, she'll be sleeping E per quando sarò in Oklahoma, starà dormendo
She'll turn softly in her sleep and call my name out low Si girerà morbidamente nel sonno e sussurrerà il mio nome
And then she'll cry just to think that I'd really leave her, E allora urlerà solo al pensiero che l'ho lasciata veramente,
I left her L'ho lasciata,
But time after time after time I tried to tell her so ma tante volte ho provato a dirglielo
But she just didn't know That I would really go Solo che non aveva mai creduto
That I would really go che me ne sarei davvero andato
*Traduzione di Emanuele Orrù

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