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("Jesus Alone", 2016)


[2001] Le Peuple Migrateur - Soundtrack (torna all’elenco)

Colonna sonora del documentario Le Peuple Migrateur (Winged Migration), curata da Bruno Coulais e con la partecipazione di Robert Wyatt e di Nick Cave, col brano To Be By Your Side di cui è possibile leggere testo e traduzione.

Le Peuple Migrateur aka Winged Migration (2001)

nick cave le peuple migrateur

1. Nick Cave - To Be by Your Side
2. Robert Wyatt - Masters of the Field
3. Northern Bound
4. The Crossing
5. Robert Wyatt - The Highest Gander
6. Beating Drums
7. The Return of the Cranes
8. The Blue Thread
9. Robert Wyatt - The Red Forest
10. A Filetta - Like a Breath of Air
11. The Takeoff
12. Amidst the Factory Smoke
13. The Glider
14. After the Hunt
15. The Paper Parrot
16. The Swans Flight
17. Feathers and Stripes
18. Gabriel Jacoub - The Wounded Dove
19. Off Camera

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